Wednesday, June 25, 2008

World of Warcraft | Is it safe to bot again?

*September Update*
Since mmoglider has been offline for a few months now (with little chance of its return), I have been getting asked if there are any bot alternatives out there. The answer is not really. The other bots I have tested have maybe a fraction of the abilities of mmo glider, and none are nearly as user friendly. My advice if you want to start a new character is to create a second account using Blizzards 'Recruit-a-Friend' (RAF) system, grab Joana's guide and level 2 new characters at a time with RAF's triple experience. You'll get to 60 much faster then if you used a bot. After that, well, we're all still working on it.

So after last months huge World of Warcraft botting banwave the question is starting to pop up; is it safe to starting botting on World of Warcraft again? My answer would be; it's been safe since the day after Merc got Glider back running after the last ban. Why is that?
I think that it takes Blizzard a lot of resources and a lot of time to do a banwave. In respect to mmoglider, they have to crack the current source code, then detail how it is getting around Warden and then work on a way to detect it. All of that takes valuable time and manpower. After they get this new anti-hack to work, I'm sure they test it in a controlled environment. The next step is too implement the new detection update and try to slip it through the cracks in either patch or a warden update. After this is all done they start to 'detect' players that hit there criteria then investigate them. If there test pool is overwhelmingly bots then they will get the list of accounts that have been detected then bam!..mass bann-age.
The mass bans happen in around 6 to 9 month increments, so if your going to bot; bot now!
Bot as much as you can and try to keep track of Blizzards banning cycles and you will have a better chance of avoiding the ban-hammer.

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